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Another new song!

2008-10-12 09:54:56 by Lucovic

Finished it! in the works for 5 months but its here, Check it out

New song XD

2008-09-30 13:08:40 by Lucovic

Got a new DnB uploaded, check it out Here

Big bad DnB coming =D

2008-06-12 16:33:43 by Lucovic

Working on DnB and trying out basses. got one really bad 30 hertz monster in there XD.

check out ma latest song, lil tribute to the holocaust and other things that happened in WW2 (also contains hard bass for the ones who like it =D)


A ''small'' break

2008-05-02 10:11:40 by Lucovic

Ok, this sucked, i havent logged in in months! the reason: forgot my password and e-mail right after i changed it (cause of holiday). so it got a little tricky for me to get on, but i managed to do =D, and now im happy

Thanks to Dj-fanta5t1c who wants to remix one of my songs XD, be sure to listen when its ready!

Who the fuck is voting down my submissions!

2008-01-30 14:50:21 by Lucovic

Fuck this, some dude is voting down my submissions unfairly! im doing a fucking lot to make good audio, it was al 4s and stuff, now it has lowered to 3 and some even 2, im so damn pissed about this!


2008-01-19 12:20:37 by Lucovic

edited all my audio, put picture behind it, change the name, voila!


2008-01-16 03:57:16 by Lucovic

im bored, after transistor had no stuff to do... shit...

New song!

2007-12-13 14:49:10 by Lucovic

yay, paranoid is finished! check it out in this link: ten/111139/

yay XD

2007-11-26 14:40:22 by Lucovic

wow, never knew my music would score so high =)im working on another DnB right now... hope it will be as good as the rest